karo knitter / dryflower dope

karo knitter / dryflower dope

karo knitter

Hey, i´m karo knitter!

I was born in Poland (1984) and raised in Germany.
In my work I try to combine the two aspects of my childhood. On one side the urban culture of the concrete area, where i was raised. On the other side the kitsch and nature of Poland.

I work autodidactic with vintage-objects, wood and ceramics.

2008: „Blockitsch Konkret“, Soloshow, Grossstadtrekorder Hannover
2008: „Streetartaffair“, Groupshow, Leipzig
2008: „Folkart now #2“, Groupshow, Bremen
2009: „Threesome“, Groupshow, NiceNice Hannover
2011: „Kismet Honey“, Groupshow, Hannover
2013: „Ressurection“, Groupshow, Luxemburg
2016: „Dryflower Dope“, Soloshow, Wild Wood Gallery & Store Kassel

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask!